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Matt Salazar has been part of the Los Angeles music community for fifteen years. Matt’s productions have charted Billboard and artists he has developed have been signed to major labels. As a studio owner, Matt's facility was featured on two different covers of Mix magazine. With hopes of creating a platform that artists can use to better their careers, Matt Salazar began Indie Rock Inc. in 2015.

  • My simple 6-Step mixing process takes you from blank session to final print

  • Insights I've learned from Chris Lord-Alge, Tom Lord-Alge, Dave Pensado, and others

  • I show you how to cut your mix setup time by 95% and get on with the creative stuff

  • We will unveil the hidden truth behind stock plugins and expensive plugin upgrades

  • Witness a head to head battle between Avid Pro Tools, Apple Logic Pro X, and Steinberg Cubase